Novel Approach Craft

Make this type of cute Christmas Tree Decoration by following the tutorial from this link. Christmas Tree

This is so cute.  So easy.  So inexpensive.


Beth sent me a link to her friend’s blog.  Tara is making a business out of her blog by creating a place where vendors (usually crafters) can have their projects displayed for a fee for a day, give a gift of their project or $$ to purchase something from their “store”.  There are set prices for days, weeks, the prizes, etc.

It made me think about how to get the word out better regarding my sewing and crocheting.

I haven’t figured it all out yet, but Grandma’s house is going to change directions and be populated by home-crafted items by this Grandma (Grammie) for sale.

I don’t have my business plan together yet, but it’s going to come together real soon.

I am still going to be “Over the River and Through the Woods” but in a more commercial way.

I’ll have free-bees too, recipes, book reviews, I think.

Tell me what you think.  I know there are probably lots of sites out there where there are contests and drawings etc.  I think it will be fun and maybe even profitable.

After a while.

Check back tomorrow!

I made a commitment to keep this blog up.  So I am embarrassed that I haven’t done it.  According to the last blog in March time flies by fast.  And guess what?!  It DOES!

When last we saw our Grammie she had been taking care of her daughter, granddaughter, grandson, and son-in-law.  She babysat for the Jared Ottleys one day.  And put over a hundred miles a day on the car driving back and forth between Children’s Hospital and Spanish Fork.  One day it was over 200 miles with 2 trips to SLC.  We didn’t see the Hoens much because they had the flu and Spencer was busy with school, work, and snowboarding.  Although he helped clear furniture out of Amanda’s condo that the renters left.  (They gave it to a family downstairs who had NO furniture.) 

And what has happened since then?  Beth has had two more surgeries!  Appendix and galbladder.  Crazy, huh?  Ryan has had pnuemonia, Kim has asthma, and Jeremy had a shunt put in.  Poor little family. 

And everyone else is having health, etc issues as well.

We are just trying to keep in touch.  We drove over on Conference Weekend to spend some time with each family.  It worked pretty well.

The Ottleys came here two weeks ago and we went up to Mt. Rushmore to sight-see.  It was great and we had fun with the kids.

Now this weekend we fly over for Jeremy’s blessing, Taylor’s birthday, and the Miller’s anniversary.  On Monday after that we both fly to CA on separate business trips but in the same town.  That’s bonus.  Then we are going to drive up to Sacramento to visit my step-mom.  It will be Mother’s Day. 

We fly home on Sunday and on Monday Bob flies out to FL on business. 

Amanda called tonight pretty upset because she was bitten by a dog!  No broken skin.  Mostly anger.  She flies up on Memorial day weekend for a 4 day visit.

Then Sara is driving over with kids in tow the next weekend for a short visit since school will be out for the summer.

When Spencer found out that we were coming over for Jeremy’s blessing he asked if we were driving.  I guess he has a yen for playing guitar again and is looking for a ride over for his guitar and amp.  I think I’ll send it home with Sara.

Leslie took the girls and actually went the opposite direction and is taking care of Beth for a week after the latest surgery.  

I love my kids and grandkids.  But is this insane or what?  Robert said that we can’t live in Utah.  He said, “I’ll never see you!”  Ha!

So, what should I blog about here?  Should I actually blog or just thow out a question for discussion?  Or type up some ideas?  Please let me know.

From “Empty Nest Parenting” by Richard and Linda Eyre.  I haven’t read it yet but it looks good.

“At the end of life, all that matters is our relationships.  What we need to understand is that relationships are what matter before the end of our lives too.”

Time goes by so fast!

We came home from Beth’s house on Saturday, March 8.  It is now March 21st.  Time goes by so FAST!  I downloaded some pictures of Jeremy and need to post them.  He is doing so very well.  He has been so blessed and continues to prove that he is a very courageous person.

This page needs some serious attention.  Unfortunately I also have an additional blog and now a Facebook page.  I know I can have my blog show up on the facebook and if I can have both I will and then will only have to access one to remind me to access them all.

Thanks for your patience. 

Do you have a grandchild with handicaps?  What are they?  What does that mean to your relationship with the grandchild as well as his/her parents? 

Still in the hospital

Jeremy remains in the hospital.  The biggest issue right now is that he cannot pee on his own and there is some blockage when they do the catheter and everytime it comes out or they have to redo it it causes more trauma.  It needs to remain in place for 5 days to probably ensure healing.  Then will he be able to pee on his own?  Who knows.  Right now he has a foley catheter but maybe he will have to have a straight catheter in the future which at this time his folks or other caregivers will have to learn to do.  Poor little boy.

Today I took care of Kimberly all day.  We emptied more boxes and pretty much got all of Beth and Ryan’s room completed.  We also did laundry.  In the afternoon we went over to Sara’s house and helped her and played.  Tomorrow we plan to go to Jared’s home so Kimberly can play with Olivia.  Then Robert flies back into SLC tomorrow evening.  As much as I don’t want to leave we will probably head for home on Saturday morning.  But at least we have the option of staying until Sunday if things do not go well at “Clinic” tomorrow.  Dave and Ryan will give Jeremy another blessing tomorrow morning before “Clinic.”  The neurosurgeons will probably decide tomorrow also if he needs a shunt.  Robert and Ryan gave Jeremy a blessing the evening he was born. 

Beth was and is very sad and tired.  She is partially blaming herself for Jeremy’s condition and wonders if she caused part of it.  We talked about it and I told her she should also ask for a blessing, talk to her doctor, and not blame herself.  The blame game does not get anyone anywhere.  I know.  I have tried it on myself.  Much of her sadness is due to being so tired.

On the bright side it was so wonderful watching my grandchildren play together today and I get to do it again tomorrow!


I am sitting here at Primary Children’s Medical Center at the University of Utah in my little grandson’s room.  His name is Jeremy and he is one week old and was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at 22 weeks gestation.   He is our 13th grandchild.  8 boys and 5 girls. 

We also have a grandson who has Asperger’s Syndrome.  He was diagnosed this past year. 

Obviously we have alot to learn about children’s health issues.  We will have to do some research and reading.  We are already adding new words to our vocabulary such as; occupational therapist, early intervention, clinic day.  I am just grateful for all of the support families can get through medical personnel, schools, & therapy. 

This grandparenting is an adventure for us, made even more interesting by the fact that the eldest of our grandchildren is only 6 years old!  It’s a noisy, busy time when we are all together.  We didn’t know that grandparenthood would happen so fast.  It’s hard to keep up, frustrating to live so far away from most of them, hard to organize time and efforts to make relationships work, and most times exhausting.  It’s also fascinating, fun, and awe-inspiring.  Our children, the parents of these wonderful people, are amazing themselves as we watch them parent and teach.

At the end of 2007 I was asked by the enrichment group leader to think about leading a grandparenting group.  I put it off for a long time until I had the epiphany that maybe we could do this on line.  So that is what I am trying to do.  We’ll see if there are any hits or interest in this.  But otherwise I probably will just amuse myself.  🙂  But my hopes are to chronicle ideas, activities, books to read, and garner thoughts from other grandparents to share.

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.” ~ Alex Haley